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I don’t watch financial television. Aside from an occasionally useful contrarian indicator I just don’t find it valuable to my process at all. But a couple of years ago I came across a new online video service called RealVision. Since then it’s become invaluable to my process. In depth interviews with the likes of Jim Rogers, Bill Fleckenstein, Mark Hart, Kyle Bass, John Burbank and many others have been more than just thought-provoking; they have inspired the way I think about the markets and investing.

What I appreciate most about RealVision is that it strives to create and open forum for discussion where ideas are cultivated, respectfully tested and debated. It’s a huge breath of fresh air from the ‘brag and bash’ culture that dominates both social and major media outlets. Recently, I was honored to spend some time with RV’s Grant Williams where we discussed investing in an “everything bubble,” the long-term case for gold, the Fed’s impossible dream and much more. I hope you find it useful to your own process. And if you’re not already a subscriber, I can’t recommend it strongly enough.