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Last week I posted my @Twitter Must Follow List. Today, I’m sharing my Super-Secret @Twitter Must Follow List. And when I say, “super-secret,” what I really mean is, “way too underfollowed.”

The bottom line is these are a few more of my favorite FinTwitter folks simply due to the incredible value they provide there. Most of them also fly well under the radar which may make their insights that much more valuable from a contrarian perspective. Anyhow, you should go follow every one of them right now.

The Euchre

This guy regularly shares interesting data points and high-quality analysis on a regular basis. And most of it goes against the popular narrative, which might be what I like best about it.


This guy has over 30,000 followers and I think it’s still fair to say he’s underfollowed. Known for his charting abilities, Northy also has a terrific sense of humor and a much broader perspective than most you’ll find on social media.

Tiho Brkan

I’ve been reading Tiho’s blog for a long time. It’s filled with unique analysis of the global markets with a focus on sentiment and he’s only just started bringing these goodies to Twitter.

Cyril Castelli

I ran across Cyril a few months ago and since I started following him it feels like I’ve retweeted every chart he’s shared. He doesn’t tweet much but when he does you don’t want to miss it.

La nuit sera calme

This guy is so underfollowed it’s crazy. He regularly shares some of the best stuff in my stream including quotes, articles and data points I wouldn’t have found anywhere else.

JP Compson

JP is a rarity in that he’s one of the few professionals on Twitter with multi-decade experience. His perspective is also especially valuable in that he takes a very thoughtful, big picture view while everyone else is focused on the flickering ticks.


Like JP, Jeff is another professional with a wealth of practical experience in the markets backing his views. His takes are usually deep and totally original.


This guy is a chart monster. If you’re looking for a chart on any given topic just go breeze through his stream a bit. I can almost guarantee you’ll find what you’re looking for.

AZ Value

Last week I highlighted Howard Schilit as my favorite public whistle blower of financial shenanigans. But after AZ’s work on Valeant last year, this guy might be my new fav. Go take a read through that link below and then not follow this guy – I dare you.

Jonathan Tepper

Looking for a Variant Perception? Here you go. Jonathan regularly finds and curates exactly that and generously shares this stuff in his stream.

Andrew Kassen

This guy is one of my favorite technicians. His unique style of charting and analysis has far more value than what you’ll find from most of the popular technical follows on Twitter.

Nautilus Research

These guys are hands down my favorite research house. They do some in-depth statistical analysis but it usually comes with a heavy dose of deductive reasoning, as well, something that’s glaringly missing in most of their competitor’s stuff.

Not Jim Cramer

This guy has been one of my favorite follows for quite a long time now. He doesn’t share much but when he does it’s stuff you usually don’t want to miss. Like most of the others listed above, his charts and analysis are more than just superficial statistics. Their thoughtful and non-conformist.

Special Mention: My good friend @TommyThornton is another one of my favorite follows on Twitter. I feel bad leaving him out but because his account is locked I can’t share a tweet with you. Send a request, though, and he might let you join his stream.