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I consider myself a perpetual student of the markets. In this process, Twitter has been invaluable to me as I have learned an incredible amount from a wide variety of different investors on the platform. So this is my way of saying, “thank you,” and spreading the love a little bit. Seriously, go follow every one of these guys right now.

Helene Meisler: Keep It Simple Stupid

Helene is one of the most talented and insightful technicians I’ve come across. I believe the keys to her success are one: she always keeps it simple. You never see her charts littered with indicators and tons of lines everywhere. Just the opposite. And two: she marries her technical approach with a keen eye towards sentiment.

Tom McClellan: How The Sausage Is Made

Being the son of the creators of one of the most famous stock market indicators (McClellan Oscillator), it should come as no surprise Tom is so passionate about studying the inner workings of the markets. If you’re interested in understanding what really drives prices and trends, follow Tom and see how the sausage is made.

Howard Schillitt: Exposing Financial Shenanigans

There are a handful of investors out there who have had their 10 minutes of fame lately as a results of exposing “financial shenanigans” at companies like Valeant. There’s only one guy I know of, however, who’s been doing it consistently for decades. In fact, he literally wrote the book.

Mark Hart: Intelligent Macro Contrarianism

To me, Mark embodies one of my favorite Ben Graham quotes: “You are neither right nor wrong because crowd disagrees with you. You are right because your data and reasoning are right.” He’s willing to be contrarian, and in the face of a thunderous herd, but not for the sake of being contrarian. It’s only when his extensive data and impeccable reasoning justify being contrarian does Mark put a trade on.

Michael Lewitt: Give Credit Its Due

Credit leads equities. I believe this is true most of the time and the reason for this is that credit guys are just usually that much smarter than equity guys (because they have to be). And Michael is one of the smartest credit guys I’ve found. If you’re interested in the interplay between these markets you’d be hard-pressed to find a better teacher.

Jerry Parker: The Trend Is Your Friend, For Real

Trend-following has grown immeasurably in recent years. Jerry started studying it and effectively riding trends  long before most newbies had even heard of the strategy. What’s more, he’s willing to share his experience and wisdom and regularly does on Twitter.

Bill Fleckenstein: Respect Mr. Market But Don’t Buy What He’s Selling

He doesn’t tweet much. In fact, he stays out of the public eye completely most of the time but he’s also one of the shrewdest market operators I’ve seen. Give him a follow and let’s see if we can’t get him to share a bit more of his insights with us.

Peter Brandt: A Technician’s Technician

I imagine Peter carrying an old-school lunch pail to work every day, setting it down on his desk as he puts his hard hat on to study his charts. He’s just about as blue collar I imagine a trader can be. Clearly, he’s got a terrific work ethic to match his skill and wealth of experience. For pure technicals, he’s my go to guy.

Meb Faber: Curiosity Killed The Dogma

Meb is about as curious and open-minded of an investor as you’ll ever find. I read everything he writes as it’s always loaded with dogma-killing data and infused with his unmatched enthusiasm. It’s infectious and I encourage you to expose yourself to it.

Peter Atwater: Mood Moves Markets

Peter has a unique perspective on sentiment that is both longer-term and much more thoughtful than typical sentiment studies. I find his insights on everything from individual stocks to politics to central banks to be both original and terribly insightful.

Fred Hickey: Master of the Scuttlebutt

There’s nobody, and I mean nobody, who is as diligent and thorough in his research as Fred. To me, he embodies Phil Fisher’s concept of the scuttlebutt – just listening to the, “business grapevine,” to glean unique insights about individual companies, industries and the broad economy.

John Hussman: Context Is Critical

It’s one thing to study a single data point and its historical record. It’s another thing entirely to put it into context. There are loads of people focused solely on the former. There are very few who focus on the latter. And John does it far better than most.

Jason Goepfert: Truth Bombardier

It’s truly astounding how many popular misconceptions about markets are regularly promulgated both on Twitter and television. Jason regularly destroys these as a part of his unique, statistics-based approach. His research is always must-read for me.

Todd Harrison:

I’ve learned more from Todd than I can ever really quantify. Not only is he one of the best traders I know, he genuinely cares about doing the right thing, a very rare virtue in this industry.

There are certainly some I’ve left out but, for one reason or another, I feel compelled to thank these folks in particular for their generosity.