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Late last September I made a vow:

I had been making the case here and on Twitter that the bull market was long in the tooth and there were many signs that could be waning.

At the same time, stocks, which normally have a 10% correction once per year, hadn’t had one since 2011.

Within days my wife sent me this:

But, in just 3 weeks after my initial pledge the stock market fell about 9%…

…until the Fed came to the rescue:

Then the Santa Claus rally took over.

E*Trade called me out, on my birthday, no less.

Then the heat on the beard intensified.

As the stock market made new highs, the beard trolling got pretty loud.

And as the beard grew longer and longer, the media began to take note…

…as did the most creative of technicians.

Then this past Monday the market finally cracked.

To be clear…

…I was just trying to make a point…

…and have a bit of fun in the process.

Mission accomplished.