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Tell Bernanke to Pound Sand! (AZRainman)

Bernie Madoff Got Beaten Up In Prison (Business Insider)
Google TV is Coming to a Living Room Near You (Mashable)
Why Financial Plans Are Worthless (NY Times)
Proof That Risk Taking Is Back With A Vengeance (Business Insider)
Senator Corker Says He Made A Specific “Hotel California” Provision In Dodd’s New Bill For Goldman Sachs (Clusterstock)
Environmentally Friendly Homes Are Shunned by Lenders (WSJ)
Leading Indicators Have Smallest Gain in Year in Sign of Slower Expansion (Bloomberg)
Chuck Norris trades Repo 105 transactions with the Federal Reserve, except Chuck only pays 104, and his U.S. auditors have signed off on them as true sales. (Bloomberg)
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