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On Friday, while the stock market was getting pounded yet again, I posted the following over on Twitter:

I’ve never been more bullish on the general stock market in my career than I am right now, fwiw. 10:51 AM Feb 20th

Once-in-a-generation opportunity for long-term investors here. Pounding the table! 10:51 AM Feb 20th

To expand on this idea (beyond Twitter’s 140 character limit): this is the cheapest stock market in decades, extremely oversold and sitting on long-term support and current investor sentiment is a contrarian’s wet dream.

Ironically, the hardest thing to do right now as an investor is to stand up in the face of unprecedented negativity and proclaim unreserved bullishness. I believe, even beyond the investing world, that the hardest thing is usually the right thing.

And that’s why I’m doing my best Jake LaMotta impression these days.

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