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I haven’t even seen Apple’s Leopard software. But after spending much of the past month attempting to upgrade to Windows Vista, I am not at all surprised by the fact that most people consider it superior to Microsoft’s cruel joke they have the balls to call an “operating system.”

It hasn’t “operated” once for me. It’s more like one of those automated telephone “operators” you get when you call customer service that has no idea what the hell you’re trying to tell it so it just sends you to automated telephone pergatory.

I now consider my decision to upgrade to Vista one of the worst mistakes I’ve made in my professional career. It has stolen the last month of my life from me – and I consider myself pretty darn tech savvy. The funny thing is that every tech guy I talk to tells me there’s no hope. Just give up and go back to XP.

All I want to know, is how can the boys in Redmond live with themselves?

Oh yeah, and can anyone point me to the nearest Apple store… and Urban Outfitters? I guess it’s time to hit the mall:


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