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The other day, I was on the road listening to Satellite radio when back-to-back real estate ads came on touting their “can’t lose” approaches to flipping real estate. At the time, I was following a new Land Rover with a license plate that read, “BEND RE.”

Later that night I was flipping channels and came across Flip This House on A&E. A couple of channels later I ran past Flip That House on TLC. I had to go back and forth between the two to make sure they were actually two different shows. (According to the Washington Post, at the peak there were roughly 20 of these shows on the air.)

Saturday morning I wake to find in the Real Estate Advertising Section of the Bulletin one of the homes for sale on Mirror Pond has quietly lowered their ask price a cool million. Must be tough to compete with the other 182 million-dollar-plus homes for sale out there…

…Just a few anecdotes from the largest financial bubble the world has ever seen.

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