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Below are some of the most interesting articles, quotes and charts I came across this week. Click here to subscribe to our free weekly newsletter and get this post delivered to your inbox each Saturday morning.

Note: The featured image for this post was created by ChatGPT along with the following explanation:

Here is the image representing the emotion of disillusionment. It includes:

  • A person with a downcast gaze, symbolizing disappointment and realization.
  • Shattered glass, representing broken illusions or dreams.
  • Withered flowers, symbolizing loss of beauty or hope.
  • An overturned chair, suggesting abandonment or loss of purpose.

These elements collectively convey the essence of disillusionment.

This week all eyes were on Nvidia which has been the main driver of the broad market for most of this year.

But some are starting to question whether the reality of the generative AI products made possible by the company’s technology can possibly live up to the hype.

Despite the tens of billions of dollars and over a decade of research that has already gone into them, there are still glaring problems…

…something that insiders suggest will not be easily fixed.

In fact, generative AI in its current form may never be able to achieve what its greatest cheerleaders propound.

So it would appear that there is a very clear risk of the growing disillusionment among insiders and users eventually spreading to investors.