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Tesla’s stock price has soared five-fold over the past nine months or so prompting CNBC’s Michael Santoli to call it a, “one-stock mania.” I agree with his assessment but I think it’s also important to note that this is not an isolated phenomenon. In fact, there have been several “one-stock manias” over the past few years.

These have included when it became a “crypto” company. It also includes Tilray when pot stocks went nuts to the upside and finally Beyond Meat after it came public last year. Clearly, investors are desperate to hop aboard the, “next big thing,” whatever that may be.

What’s especially interesting about looking at these together on the same chart is that they clearly coincide with short-term price peaks in the S&P 500, as Helene Meisler noted on Twitter earlier this week. So don’t be surprised if this parabolic blowoff move in Tesla shares marks another important pivot point for the broad stock market.

What’s more, because these single stock manias have not coincided with each other perfectly in time most don’t see them today as a sign of euphoria towards equities broadly. But when we look back on them years from now, will we still see the several months that separated them as a true demarcation or will we see them collectively as a sign of rampant euphoria in the stock market?