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Q: I enjoy your research and writings but can we get off the Kindern Morgan bandwagon?

J: Bandwagon? Clearly the bandwagon is in bashing KMI right now.

Q: Have you ever considered using bitcoin as a hedge against a falling market and/or dollar? I’ve noticed it going up over the last year by over 100% as the market has become increasingly precarious.

J: I have and even said I said I was bullish in the past. Still, I can’t own something I can’t understand.

Q: Would you recommend say BND as the only fixed income investment for a 10 yr outlook ? Or do I need something else to round it out.

J: I think sticking with the highest quality bonds makes sense and then matching maturities to your time frame. I think a blend of BND and TLT works well like I have indicated in the model ETF portfolio.

Q: Are you shorting QQQ or buying SQQQ – in the past it had been the latter – so was curious if there was any reason for the change?

J: I’ve made the change from buying SQQQ in the trade ideas to shorting QQQ because I’m afraid some folks are liable to hurt themselves using the 3x levered funds. An alternative to shorting QQQ is to buy PSQ.