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So last night I shot Tim Ferris… in my dream. It wasn’t a hostile thing at all, though.

He was hunting me and my family. We were all huddled up in the house and he was out there… somewhere… coming to get us. Suddenly, I saw him peek in the window upside down, like he was on the roof and hanging over the edge. Our eyes met and he must of noticed the .357 Magnum in my hand because he jumped off the roof to take cover in the nearby brush. But I was too quick. I shot him in the leg and he collapsed.

I ran over to shoot him again and realized, ‘wait, that’s Tim Ferris,’ and I went into rescue mode. I pulled my belt off and put a tourniquet on his bleeding leg. Then I woke up.

What the hell does it mean? No idea. It’s probably just an amalgamation of all the stuff I’ve been watching/listening to lately:

Storm Surfers – These guys were my heroes growing up as a grommet in SoCal. Their show is very cool – just wish there were more than 4 episodes. Tom Carroll putting a tourniquet on Ross Clarke-Jones was pretty funny.

Hell On Wheels – Just started watching this one so I can’t vouch yet but clearly the gunslinging made an impression on my subconscious.

Tim Ferris Podcast – SO GOOD. Go listen to every episode.