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Stocks are breaking down. If you’re wondering why, read this: “Here’s Why Stocks Are Falling.”

Everywhere you look indexes are losing important levels. The Dow lost 15,700 today (along with its 200-day moving average):


Financials, one of the leaders to the downside, broke down below their 2013 October highs/December lows (see “The Bear Case For The Banks” and “Banks Stocks Are No Place For Your Money” for more information):

The Nikkei lost 14,750 (along with an important uptrend line):


The Russell 2000 was probably the hardest hit today. It lost 1120 (see “Small Cap Stocks Are Running Out Of Gas” for more info.):


And the S&P 500 lost 1775 (see “Five Charts” for more info.):


Disclosure: I am long FAZ (short financials) for myself and for clients. This is not advice.