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Longtime readers know I’m a news junkie. Well, I’ve finally given up on traditional newspapers. Don’t get me wrong; I love holding a real paper in my hands. But I just don’t need one anymore. That’s because I’ve finally fine-tuned an incredible alternative. It brings together the best news sources in the world, prioritizes them based their relevance to YOU and puts it all into an elegant and efficient reader.

I’ve been on Twitter since 2007. I’ve followed and unfollowed thousands of different accounts over time to fine tune the social network into something of great value for me in my work. It’s come so far that it’s now my best source for breaking news and commentary anywhere online.

I only follow a small number of actual Twitter accounts these days so that my main stream isn’t overwhelmed. I organize all the other Twitter accounts I want to track into lists. Among these are the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Daily Beast, Business Insider, Financial Times, The Economist, Rolling Stone, along with reporters, professional investors and experts like Dennis Gartman, Carl Icahn, Michael Santoli, Todd Harrison, Jim Grant, Doug Kass and plenty others that share anything and everything you’d ever want or need to know about what’s going on in the financial markets and the world.

But here’s where it gets cool. There’s no way I can keep up with all of this information 24 hours a day. So we add Flipboard, a free app for your smartphone or tablet, into the mix and we get a magical news reader that aggregates and prioritizes all these tweets and gives us the latest and greatest news and views you can find and all in one place.

All you’ve got to do is add your Twitter account in the Flipboard app and then add your lists and then you’ve got your front page, world news, business, sports and entertainment all right there. The best part is that it’s real time, encompasses far more than a single newspaper could dream of covering and uses social media to make sure it’s relevant to you.

You’re welcome.

You can check out my personal Flipboard magazine, “Contrarian Curations,” here.