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Housing and the Economy:
Why Buffett Is Betting Big on Housing
Home Prices See Their Largest Gain In 7 Years Amid Dwindling Supply, High Demand
Fannie and Freddie Reports Offer Latest Sign of a Healing Housing Market
The US Is A Bright Spot In The Global Economy
Employers post the most job openings in four years
BUT… the consumer-credit report shows that deleveraging continues
AND… Fear of ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Has Industry Pulling Back

Investor Malaise:
Flight out of U.S. stocks accelerated last week, with investors yanking $5.7 billion of domestic stock mutual funds
Jittery about equities, small investors keep missing stock rallies, while professional traders benefit
Five Reasons We Hate The Stock Market
Why Are Investors Fleeing Equities? Hint: It’s Not the Computers
A Financial Plan for the Truly Fed Up

Facebook and Apple:
Are you a psychopath if you’re not on Facebook? Some employers, psychiatrists think so
Facebook’s Stock Crash Has Created A Bunch Of New Problems For The Company
Why the market loves LinkedIn and hates Facebook
Netflix’s CEO Reed Hastings Buys Nearly 50K Facebook Shares
Insanely Simple: The Obsession that Drives Apple’s Success
How Apple became the world’s No. 1 computer manufacturer
Apple’s Biggest Marketing Secret Just Got Revealed In Federal Court

My Life as a Telecommuting Robot
The Hedge Fund Name Generator
Coolest. Dad. Ever.
The Disciplined Pursuit of Less
Marc Faber: If I Had To Vote For Obama Or Romney, I’d Shoot Myself
The federal gov is fighting, in court, to have the RIGHT to imprison you without trial
‘Obama That I Used to Know’ Parodies Gotye With Political Twist
The Secret of Neuromarketing: Go for the Pain
Gibson Guitar Corporation admits to importing endangered wood
Angry Jury in mortgage fraud case wanted to know why CEOs aren’t being put on trial
Great Expectations, Terrible Stocks
The Power of Negative Thinking
The fabled trouser snake, finally discovered in the wild

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