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Ever since I read “How To Live Longer And Feel Better” nearly a decade ago I’ve felt a certain sympathy for Linus Pauling. You see he was trying very hard to put his wisdom to work to improve the quality of people’s lives. His biggest problem in this regard was that his product/message had no potential for economic benefit for those that helped him spread the word or even sell it. How can one man with a very simple message hope to compete with the world’s largest drug companies and their marketing budgets?

Now I don’t dare put myself on the same level as a 2-time Nobel Prize winner (in 2 separate disciplines, I might add) but this is exactly the situation I find myself in with “Fire Wall Street.” I very strongly believe that almost everyone should read it and implement its methods but because nobody will profit from this (myself included) it’s reach will be severely limited.
But I knew this going in. I never had any dreams for the book greater than just giving away a few copies to friends who have asked for my advice in the past. And ultimately it feels good just to know that it’s out there.

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