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My biggest problem with modern music is that technology can now make anyone sound perfectly in tune regardless of their true skill or talent. I know I’m not alone in hearing a song on the radio and immediately feeling conned somehow. Human beings are not capable of perfection and when we’re presented with the pretense of perfection we should feel deceived.

I could argue that what made the Beatles so great was how close they came to perfection without actually attaining it. While it’s very difficult to quantify greatness, it’s relatively easy to quantify flaws. Hence one of the things that made the Beatles so great was how relatively minor or insignificant their musical flaws were relative to the rest of the bands or musicians that ever recorded a single note.
In fact, I could take it a step further and argue that their flaws are precisely what endear us to bands, musicians, actors, comedians, friends and lovers. Flaws are what make people real. Perfection, in contrast, is inanimate, lifeless. And artificial perfection is even less appealing.
Beware financial advisers who don’t readily disclose what they can’t do for you or the conflicts of interest inherent in their compensation or even their personal shortcomings. Your ideal adviser is flawed but open and candid about those flaws. Remember that Bernie Madoff, like much of modern music, pretended to be perfect.
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