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Last night I had the urge to get some work done and my first instinct was to grab my mobile phone. (I love my Nexus S – I actually feel naked when it’s not in my front left pocket.) Normally I do this without a second thought. My smartphone has been my go-to device for some time now.

This time I stopped and had a mini-epiphany. The reason I love my phone so much is that it works so much better than any other device I’ve had. For example, I spent two hours this morning running updates on my laptop. Before you scream, “get a mac!” know that I was updating windows and itunes and they are both, equally a pain in my a$$.

My CR-48 eliminates these hassles. It updates in a flash and doesn’t really run any software to begin with but this has its drawbacks as well. I can’t use it for trading or my stock screener because it won’t run Java. It’s also not very easy yet to manage files that have to be downloaded before they can be uploaded to the cloud. For these tasks I have to use my HP.

Finally, I currently use 4 separate Google accounts, 3 Facebook pages and 4 Twitter accounts. My smartphone manages these seamlessly. I can switch between accounts easily without having to sign out one and sign into another. Google currently allows you to sign into multiple Gmail accounts in a browser but not across all of their other sites. Google Checkout and Picasa are the two main culprits here. Using one account requires you sign out of others. This is totally inefficient.

I need to be able to work with multiple accounts across all of these platforms with ease – the same sort of ease that my smartphone provides. Currently this is impossible. So for now, I’ll keep reaching first for my phone.

Disclosure: Long GOOG