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I just finished watching Google introduce the new Chrome computer operating system and it's nothing less than revolutionary.

(Click the picture above for a video introduction to Chrome OS.)

My takeaways:
  • Speed and simplicity are Chrome's two major advantages over the traditional computer experience. The laptop turns on immediately (zero boot time), commands and processes are nearly instantaneous and it features all the simplicity of using a web browser and an app store. There's nothing more to it and it does everything your computer can and more.
  • Chrome eliminates the traditional operating system and installed software, the two biggest hassles of using a personal computer. Updates are automatic, security runs seemlessly in the background and you never have to worry about syncing or backing up data ever again.
  • This is a CIO's wet dream: no more updating operating systems, installed programs, fixing network/server bugs. For this reason many Fortune 500 companies are already jumping on board. This will be a huge productivity boost to companies of all sizes.
  • Google is taking all of the development, experience and knowledge of Microsoft and Apple products to the next level with a brand synonymous with simplicity, speed and value. I don't see how this won't revolutionize the industry.
  • I want one.
Disclosure: Long Google (this is not a recommendation).