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It was just about ten years ago that I started Felder & Company. It was my goal to do something I believed no other investment managers were doing: to manage investments the right way, investing in only the best possible opportunities with our clients' interests put above all. Since then I've done my best to achieve this goal but, of course, there is no finish line.

What I've discovered over the past decade, however, is that until now Felder & Company could only help a very small minority of the investing public: ultra-high-net-worth individuals. And there are so many more people that we can help. Pitfalls in the marketplace for financial advice are everywhere; I've met dozens of people that have been burned by an industry that I'm not proud to be a part of. There are answers but they're definitely not easy to find on your own.

This is exactly why I've created “The Felder Report” (sometimes pronounced “The feld-AIR ray-POUR”), Felder & Company's new investment newsletter. Published monthly, the report presents our perspectives on the financial markets, economy and other matters integral to both personal investing and business success. You can find the first issue below. If you like what you read please SUBSCRIBE HERE. Either way, I'd appreciate any feedback you might have.

January 2010