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Gold Is the New Tupperware, and You’re Invited to the Party

4.22 Citi Shares For Each Person in the World

Carl Icahn’s new target: Grand Theft Auto publisher Take-Two Interactive

My favorite Christmas album

“The recession was less calamitous than many feared. Its aftermath will be more dangerous than many expect.”

Shadow inventory looms large over the housing market.

Moody’s: The Housing Market Has Bottomed

“Strategic defaults” gaining popularity among homeowners deeply under water

Bank Lending Is Collapsing All Around The Globe

Who woulda thunk it? Aspies make great computer geeks.

FDIC Ramping Up to Accommodate Increasing Bank Failures in 2010

Great Idea: He Delivers Christmas Trees for Rent

Gold Buying by Central Banks Sends Sell Signal as Past Haunts Future Price

“Modern” Hobbit Architecture the New, New Thing in Hobbiton

Bend Now Has the Fastest Internet Service in the Country

The De-Leveraging Cycle Has Only Just Begun

If The Banks Don’t Extend Credit Soon, The Market Is Toast

IRS Quietly Gives Citigroup Big $38 Billion Tax Cut, Wiping Out All Of The Taxpayer’s “Profits”

Paul Volcker: “Wake Up, Gentlemen”

“Whack-a-Banker” arcade game has proved so popular the owner keeps having to replace worn out mallets.

Rates Are Low, but Banks Balk at Refinancing

My vote for FAIL of the year 2009

Warren Buffett believes his best deals during the economic crisis may well turn out to be the ones he didn’t do.