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Looks like the Bulls were prepared today. Part 2 of the exam starts bright and early Monday.

What do Ecuador and Iceland have in common? (Hint: It Ain’t the Climate)

What’s the difference between cold and flu?

Tonight’s full moon biggest, brightest of 2008

Ted spread 1.91 – back under 2 again, finally

Paul Tudor Jones Concedes Errors Along With Bacon, Griffin in Hedge Funds Strategy Shakeout

Nearly 50% Of Women Prefer Internet To Sex

FCC Blames World of Warcraft Addiction For Huge College Dropout Rate

Why home values may take decades to recover

Cranberry Juice Industry Hoping 2009 A Big Year For Urinary Tract Infections

but probably my favorite, straight-up christmas tune

And who can forget this scene from christmas vacation

Wish i was singing this song this christmas

This tune should be popular this christmas

And what’s christmas without “pretty paper”?

Gotta have Guaraldi to help you decorate the tree

Another one of my favorite christmas tunes

“The first move out of a volatility contraction has a tendency to be ‘false.'” -sentimentrader