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This is the question that Microsoft seems to be asking in it’s latest ad campaign they famously recruited Jerry Seinfeld to promote.

While the popular mac commercials ask a simple, straightforward question, “are you a mac or a pc?” implying “are you cool or are you lame?,” these new Microsoft ads seem to have no message I can decipher other than Bill and Jerry are pc guys and, by the way, they are also complete idiots.

Microsoft doesn’t seem to realize that this is their game to lose. They already dominate most consumer tech markets. All they have to do is keep doing what they’re doing (stealing other companies’ successful product designs and using their dominance to own the market, (see the game console industry)) and avoid making major mistakes (Vista?).

Mac took a no name kid (Justin Long) and made him cool:

[youtube](Click for video)

Hey, Microsoft, this ad campaign borders on major mistake territory.