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The Los Angeles Times Reports:

Gas and grocery prices may be more than many working-class families can bear, home foreclosures may be soaring, but life is just fine at the loftiest heights of the economy.

At least that’s the view from Beverly Hills, where I spent a recent afternoon popping into pricey boutiques and chatting with retailers and shoppers.

“Business has been crazy-great,” gushed Kim Gregory, manager of the Christofle shop on Brighton Way, purveyor of silver flatware and other furnishings. “It’s like Christmas in here.”…

“Most of my clients have those black American Express cards, the ones made out of titanium,” Gregory said. “They don’t worry about their mortgages. They don’t worry about recession. They just want to buy.”

Anyone want to print these tees up for me? Sounds like we could make a fortune down on Rodeo. Just gotta make sure we can take Amex…

On Rodeo Drive, the economy’s booming
David Lazarus
Los Angeles Times
August 20, 2008