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Yesterday I wrote “Techs Fail to Endorse the Financials-Led Selloff” and that Tech’s relative strength should be taken as a bullish sign. Today I’d like to take a look at another glaring bullish divergence.

As far as I know, the study of divergences (one of my favorite tools) dates back to the origin of the Dow Theory. I’m no expert on the theory but the gist is this: The Dow Jones Industrial Average and the Transportation Average need to align in order to confirm a trend.

Well, just as Tech stocks failed to confirm the recent weakness in the financials so the Transports have failed to confirm the recent weakness in the Industrials:

In fact, the Transports are in an UPtrend:

Clearly, the action in the Transports is bullish and suggests the recent weakness in its counterpart, the Industrials, may be overdone. So here’s to you, Dow Jones Transportation Average:

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