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Now that the rate of foreclosure has hit a national record it’s no surprise we’re seeing some high-profile cases.

I’ve already written about Jose Canseco giving his lender the bird and this week a couple of celebrities joined his ranks.

Earlier in the week, The Wall Street Journal reported that, “Ed McMahon, the longtime sidekick to television star Johnny Carson, faces the possible loss of his Beverly Hills home to a foreclosure action initiated by a unit of Countrywide Financial Corp.”

Today TMZ reveals, “Evander’s home has gone into foreclosure and it’s going on the auction block. On the home front, he’s being sued for allegedly defaulting on a $550,000 landscaping bill. And, baby mama Toi Jenese Irvin is taking him to court for $6 grand in back child support.”

Why don’t the television networks, who profited so heavily off of these guys, do them a favor and help them help themselves? Throw them in a house together for a few months and let them duke it out for a housing bailout package. I have no doubt that “Big Brother Celebrity Foreclosure” would make ratings history.

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