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“Mmmm… Beer.” -Homer Simpson

We Oregonians love our microbrews – so much, in fact, that I’m sure this product is going to be very popular here in Bend:


The only thing better than beer is more beer. And the only thing better than more beer is more beer you make yourself—it saves you a trip to the store. Thus, the NanoBrewMaster—an all-in-one, computer-controlled brewing system that takes your beer from wort boil to frosty pour….

What was once an industrial-looking, hand-welded system that used water-cooled jackets and a thick aluminum coldplate for temperature-control, and a series of manual valves to move the beer between stages, has morphed into a fully-automated, glycol-chilled, 15-gallon fountain of brew that looks so modern your wife might even let you keep it in the house.

Because, really, why should the kids have to go all the way to the garage to fill daddy’s mug?

(Photo: Evolution of the NanoBrewMaster)

Brewmaster’s Delight
Mike Haney