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Bend Weekly reports:

Central Oregon boasts the distinction of being the world’s highest scoring basketball team, having averaged 147 points per game last season…

Last season, Central Oregon tied the record for the highest scoring professional basketball game in history by putting up a combined 370 points in a 194-176 victory on June 17, 2007 over the Windy City Soldiers.

While the Hotshots’ high-octane performance that night merely tied the record, which was set on Dec. 13, 1983 when the NBA’s Detroit Pistons defeated the Denver Nuggets 186-184 in triple overtime, Central Oregon’s effort was far more impressive considering it occurred in a 48-minute regulation game.

I don’t know why their opponents even bother showing up; the Hotshots score enough points for both teams.

Central Oregon Hotshots, world’s highest scoring basketball team, face Slam
Bend Weekly