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OPB reports:

The housing slump is bad news for builders, but not for Northwest fruit growers. One of the world’s largest fruit companies reported a record turn out at its job fair recently. Richland correspondent Anna King has the story.

Stemilt Growers runs fruit orchards, then packs and ships their produce across the world. More than 800 people showed up for the company’s job fair recently. That’s the highest turnout in three years.

Roger Pepperl is spokesman for the Wenatchee-based company.

Roger Pepperl: “The economy is not doing very well as a nation. And construction is down. And competing industries are down. I think people are looking for jobs and we have good clean jobs available.”

Can’t flip that house? Hey, maybe “Pick Those Cherries” will be the next big reality show fad.

Housing Slump Good News For Northwest Fruit Growers
Anna King
OPB News