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Coke (KO) has had a great run over the past couple of years due to a successful turnaround at the company.

Much of Coke’s renewed success can be attributed to the strength of Coke Zero. But I think a less obvious driver has been Coke’s revitalized marketing efforts. With their recent ads, the company has gotten back to what made people fall for Coke: a message of love and goodwill.

Coke’s recent take on the contraversial video game, Grand Theft Auto, turns a social pariah into a message of hope and optimism:

Coke’s latest effort is a collaboration with Jack White that truly gets back to the company’s roots:

It may look and sound a little familiar:

These classic ads laid the foundation for one of the greatest brands ever created. With the company rediscovering the power of the brand these days, shareholders can once again have a Coke and a smile:


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