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Watching the Gators win last night reminded me of why I can’t watch the NBA anymore. The game last night was not a great game. It was only a good game. But the Gators played as a unit with a single focus: winning.

Those guys weren’t there last night to set any individual records. They were there to do what no TEAM has ever done. Win back-to-back championships with the same 5 starters. And they did it without their best player. You hardly noticed Joakim Noah last night. I can’t think of an NBA team that could win a championship without their best player. Senior Chris Richard said of their effort, “We’re not selfish at all. We think outside of ourselves.” When was the last time you heard a pro say anything remotely like that?

Greg Oden, however, on the opposite end of the floor was awesome in a losing effort. No doubt he will go on to a great NBA career.