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Old Media is officially dead. The big boys are now embracing New Media with open arms.

Herb Scannell, President of MTV, has created nextnewnetworks, which features online video networks.

Last week I caught Michael Eisner, former CEO of Disney, on CNBC talking about his latest project, vuguru. The website links to a promo for a new internet-based show called, “Prom Queen: Some Girls Would Kill For It.” Intriguing.

And Steven Bochco, creator of hits like “L.A. Law” and “Hill Street Blues,” introduces his latest project today on metacafe. “Cafe Confidential,” is a collection of personal stories told by regular people.

Given the experience and past success of Eisner, Scannell and Bochco, these projects look very promising, not to mention uniquely entertaining. Seems to me the Titans of Old Media are going to give YouTube a run for its money.

Who Knows? MoDawg may be the next George Clooney…

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