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Hmmm hmmm hm hmmm hm hmmm… oh, sorry. I was just humming my theme song: Someday My Prince, er, Price Will Come.

I can certainly sympathize with Cinderella these days. You see, as an investor my m.o. is to try to find opportunities that will yield at least satisfactory investment results. The problem is that I’m living in the house of my wicked step-mother, Alan Greenspan, who has raised my two evil step-sisters, the stock market bubble and the real estate bubble. These two bubbles have been preventing me from being with my price charming, the price at which long-term returns will be satisfactory.

Most people believe that Anastasia, the stock market bubble, has already popped. She hasn’t. Take a gander at “Descending Everest” for the evidence.

And many more people believe that Drizella, the real estate bubble, is pretty much harmless. She’s not. Check out “Hubba Bubba” and “Frothing at the Mouth” if you don’t believe me.

So what’s a girl, er, investor in my situation to do?

Do I give in to Anastasia and Drizella and buy into the bubbles and hope for the best?

No, I’ve been to the ball. I’ve danced with the price. I know how attractive it is. I want to live happily ever after… But how?

Hang on to that glass slipper, that’s how. The only way my price charming will know me is by the cash I carry, my glass slipper. Anastasia and Drizella want to take that cash and foil my attempt to be with the price but I won’t let them. I can’t let them. Not if I want to live happily ever after.

I must have faith that the price will come for me someday. Until that day, I’ll just have to protect my slipper and wait.

Hmmm hmmm hm hmmm hm hmmm…

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